Evangelism Catalysts Pre-Conference:

This year’s Evangelism Matters conference will be preceded by an Evangelism Catalysts Pre-Conference on March 14 from 12:00-8:00 pm at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, Cleveland, OH (same location as Evangelism Matters). An invitation-only gathering, it is designed to help diocesan evangelism leaders nourish each other, provide you with resources, and fuel your best ideas – all so you can further stir evangelism across your diocese. Evangelism Catalysts are designated by their bishops; if you’d like to be named one, be sure to ask your bishop.

Additional Details:

–  When & where will we gather? Wednesday, March 14 – 12:00-8:00 pm at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, Cleveland Heights, OH – the day before Evangelism Matters begins. 

– Who are “Evangelism Catalysts”? They’re lay and clergy, young and old, in small and large churches and on diocesan staffs. Some are even bishops! Above all, they’re the key leaders who promote and provoke others in your diocese to share faith stories, join Christian community, deepen relationship with Jesus, and generally practice evangelism.

How do I know I’m a Catalyst? We have invited diocesan bishops to submit the names of TWO Catalysts per diocese. These two people will receive information for registering for the Catalysts’ Pre-conference. If you have not been designated by your bishop but want to be, please contact him or her and find out if you can serve. Only two Catalysts per diocese may attend the pre-conference, but ALL participants are welcome to the main Evangelism Matters conference.

How do I register? Register here or haga clic aquí. If you have been designated a Diocesan Evangelism Catalyst by your Bishop, you should have received a special code to register free.

– What will we do? We will gather at noon-8 pm and link catalysts from across the church for learning, network-building and prayer. Lunch and dinner will be provided. Some of you may also be featured as small group facilitators, workshop presenters and speakers throughout the Evangelism Matters conference.

– Who pays for lodging, travel and meals? Catalysts are responsible for making these arrangements and paying all associated costs. If you need assistance, we recommend you ask your bishop, congregation or ministry to help.

Where can I get more information? Lodging, speaker and schedule information for the main conference – along with videos from the 2016 conference – are available at and will be regularly updated.

If you have further questions, please email Sarah Alphin or Jonathan Myers.