Evangelism Matters On Demand


    • “Why Does Evangelism Matter,” opening panel moderated by Scott Gunn with panelists, Albert Cutié, Marcus Halley, Carrie Headington, and Mary Parmer
  • Conference Eucharist, with sermon from Presiding Bishop Michael Curry
      • Keynote Address from Presiding Bishop Michael Curry
        • “Sharing the Faith that Is in Us,” closing talk and Cardboard Testimonies teaching from Stephanie Spellers
          • Closing Plenary, with Frank Logue and Alex Montes-Vela
            • “Our Cardboard Testimonies”



Cultivating an Evangelistic Church
Carrie Boren Headington & Stephanie Spellers
Workshop Handout

In this uber-practical yet inspiring session, you’ll form a plan to help reshape your church for evangelism. We’ll introduce a comprehensive congregational journey for becoming 1) a community of good news (spiritual formation), 2) a community for others (outreach and reconciliation), and a community of blessing (hospitality). Let’s go and grow!


From Visitor to Member in 12 Months
Chris Girata & Elizabeth Carrière Peeples
Workshop Handout

One of the most difficult challenges in Episcopal churches is how to convert interested visitors into engaged members. Welcoming visitors in an intentional process that moves them through a series of formative experiences sows the seeds of investment and ownership. In this process, newcomers become more aware of their own unique spiritual gifts and how they connect to the identity of the parish community. Join us as we discuss and outline the process that has been successfully employed in Episcopal parishes and be inspired to rethink how you connect newcomers to your community.


How the Church Can Reach and Engage Millennials
Grant Skeldon

There are a ton of resources on what millennials are doing differently than generations in the past. The problem is, most resources aren’t written by actual millennials so they focus on what millennials are doing without explaining why they’re doing it. This time we will debunk misconceptions about young adults and share how the church CAN reach and CAN engage Millennials.


Made for Evangelism
Andrew Doyle & Gregory O. Brewer 

How vision, focus, and institutional structures are being reshaped to support the work of Evangelism.


Storytelling as Evangelism
Porter Taylor
Workshop Handout

Evangelism is not about selling programs or an institution but connecting people’s stories with the ongoing story of Christ’s redemption.  To be an evangelist, one must know why Jesus has made a difference in your life. The workshop teaches the skill of storytelling by training participants to tell part of their own narrative to one another.


The Shape of the Jesus Movement: Strategies for Discipleship, Evangelism and Reconciliation 
Jay Sidebotham and Stephanie Spellers
Workshop Handout

Episcopalians everywhere are answering the call to join the Jesus Movement. Before you go running out the door, remember: you can’t share what you don’t have! What are the actual steps we can take – as individuals and as congregations – in order to grow disciples rooted in deep love for Jesus, and then send them out to participate in the Movement?