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Thursday, March 15 

2-3:30 pm Welcome and Panel Discussion Panel moderated by Stephanie Spellers. What is evangelism and where have you seen Episcopal evangelism thriving? With Carrie Headington, Brother Angel Roque, Brad Hauff, Luisa Van Oss, and Shawn Walmsley

3:30-4 pm Break

4-5 pm Plenary, Mary Parmer, Hillary Raining, and Chris Harris (Nave)

5-7 pm  Dinner break

6:30 pm Revival Praise & Worship – prelude

7 pm Eucharist, President Gay Jennings, Celebrant; Presiding Bishop Michael Curry, Preacher (Nave)

Friday, March 16

8:15 am Morning Prayer

9-10:15 am Plenary in English – Episcopal Evangelism 101, Episcopal Evangelism Team (Nave)

Plenary in Spanish – Evangelismo 101, Nancy Frausto & Sanda Montes (Evans)
Options for those who have taken part in 101 level evangelism training 

The 9 Arts of Spiritual Conversations, Mary Schaller of Q Place, A curriculum to equip Christians in how to engage in spiritual conversations. (Dining Room)

Formation and Evangelism: This isn’t your grandma’s Sunday school, Episcopal Formation Team with Luisa Van Oss and her parents (Brooks)

10: 15-10:45 Break

10:45-11:45 Plenary, Presiding Bishop Curry and President Jennings (Nave)

11:45-12  Switch over

12-12:45 Lunch I/Workshops I 

  • Parish Evangelism: Cultivating an Evangelistic Parish, Carrie Headington and Leslie Stewart (Nave)
  • Intro to the Beloved Community Story Sharing Campaign, Hershey Mallette Stephens and a Young Adult Storyweaver (Evans)
  • Scrappy Church: Evangelism on a shoestring budget, Nancy Frausto (Bride’s)
  • Prayer and Evangelism, Adam Trambley (O’Hear)
  • Evangelism and Discipleship, Shawn Walmsley (Sanders – 2nd floor)
  • Camp and Conference Centers as Vehicles of Evangelism, Bishop Mark Hollingsworth and leaders of Bellwether Farm (Choir)
  • And you Shall Make Disciples: Evangelists in the Episcopal Church, Paul Olive-Reese (Brooks – 2nd floor)

12:45-1pm Switch over

1:00- 1:45 Lunch II/Workshops II

  • I Love to Tell the Story: What’s Your Good News? Susan Brown Snook (Nave)
  • Going Gently, Listening Deeply, Changing Regularly, Opening Our Hearts: Developing a Sensitive Model of Parish Outreach, Dale Grandfield (Evans)
  • Governance as Evangelism, Gay Jennings and Frank Logue (Sanders – 2nd floor)
  • Evangelism through Healing and Deliverance, Fred Vergara (Bride’s)
  • The Story of the Funeral Home Church, Andrea McKellar (Coventry House)
  • In the Beginning Was the Word, Richelle Thompson and Kim Fry (Brooks – 2nd floor)
  • Good News for Refugees and Immigrants, Dr . Samira Izadi Page, Toni-Luc Tayengo, Paul Thomas (O’Hear)
  • The United Thank Offering – Funding your Initiatives through Gratitude, Heather Melton (Choir)

2:00-3:00 Workshops

  • Leading Small Groups for Seekers, Mary Schaller (Dining Room – Downstairs)
  • Reaching Millennials, Ryan Waller and Ryan Pollock (Nave)
  • Mapping Your Context, Beth Scriven and Samantha Haycock (Evans)
  • Episcopal Migration Ministries: A Movement of Welcome and Hope, Paula Ott and Amanda Payne (Brooks – 2nd floor)
  • Training Priests for Today and Tomorrow: Taking Low Residence Seminary to the Next Level, Percy Grant and Charlotte Reed (O’Hear)
  • It Ain’t Easy Being Native: Indigenous People, Christianity and the Episcopal Church, Brad Hauff (Choir)
  • Play Group on Teaching Evangelism, Facilitated by Frank Logue and Anthony Guillen (Bride’s)
  • The Episcopal Asset Map: An Asset Based Approach to Evangelism, Tamara Plummer (Sanders – 2nd floor)

3:00-3:45 Break

3:45-4:45 Workshops

  • Breaking through the noise: Storytelling, communications, and marketing, Jason Merritt and Miriam McKenney (Nave)
  • Creating Third Spaces as Evangelistic Hubs, Jonathan Myers and Eliacin Rosario-Cruz (Evans)
  • Evangelism for Shy People, Frank Logue (Sanders – 2nd floor)
  • True Connection in a Too Busy World, Molly Carnes (O’Hear)
  • Build a Youth Ministry: Change the World, Leah Romanelli and kClare McKellaston (Bride’s)
  • Mission as Mutual Transformation, Elizabeth Boe and YASC Alum, Will Bryant (Brooks – 2nd floor)
  • Revival for Your Parish, Elizabeth Popplewell and the Episcopal Diocese of Iowa Team. (Dining Room)
  • Can These Bones Live?: Bringing New Life and New People to Church through Song, Dent Davidson (Choir)

5:00-6:00  Plenary – Bible Study Marcus Halley will lead a Bible Study of Matthew 28:16-20 (Nave)

Saturday, March 17 

8:15 am Morning Prayer

9-10:15  Workshops 

  • Digital Matters: Evangelism in the 21st Century Public Square, Jeremy Tackett and Chris Sikkema (Nave)
  • Why Latinos Warrant a Serious Evangelistic Thrust: Waking up to the Evangelistic Potential of the Latinos in the U.S., Anthony Guillen (Evans)
  • Play Group on Formation and Evangelism, Facilitated by Wendy Johnson from the Episcopal Church’s Formation Team (O’Hear)
  • Knowing Our Story, So We Can Tell Our Story: Scripture Engagement in Your Congregation, Scott Gunn and Miriam McKenney (Brooks – 2nd floor)
  • You Are Mine: Building the foundation for evangelism in being rooted as Christ’s Beloved, Steve Rottgers (Sanders – 2nd floor)
  • Harry Potter and the One Who Lives: Evangelizing the Imagination, Patricia Lyons and Jason Prati (Dining Room)
  • Catching Waves: Evangelism and Church Planting among the Chinese Immigrants, Dr. Thomas Ni (Choir)
  • Evangelism for Churches in Transition, Victor Conrado (Bride’s)

10:15-10:45 Break 

10:45-12:00 Closing Plenary Alex Montes-Vela, Frank Logue, and Stephanie Spellers (Nave)